This is sort of a problem specific to VMware. The XenDesktop Setup Wizard will override the network label of your virtual machine template based off the setting you use when adding an ESX host to XenDesktop. There's a setup screen that will ask you to select a network, and this network MUST BE your Provisioning Network for the device. Additional NICs (if present) will apply properly from the template. This behavior is by design, but it is somewhat confusing since XenServer (for instance) will clone the template in identical fashion and not change the network label. In some cases you may need to add additional hosts in VMware if you have multiple Provisioned network segments.

In Desktop Studio go to:

Configuration \ Hosts - Expand the connection to display the host properties. Check the guest network listed. If the guest network is set improperly you will need to delete and replace the host, or add an additional host.