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  1. Default DELL Print Driver Issue on XENDESKTOP

    Hi there
    I'm having a problem getting our VDI's to pick up a printer from our Print Server (W2k8 64bit). It never seems to add the printer (always displays Windows cannot find a driver error 0x0000002). The printer is a DELL 1720, and it works fine across any non XenDesktop machine.

    I can provide a crappy workaround by using a HP driver, but just wondered if anyone had this issue? I've tried fiddling with Citrix printing policies, but to no avail. I am a complete amateur to all of this, let it be said!

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    There is a fix for an issue with Lexmark printers, and in most cases, Dell printers are rebranded Lexmark printers, so the same fix will apply to both. The problem is in how Lexmark configures the printer driver configuration on the client side. To work around the issue, go into the printer settings for the printer, click on the Advanced tab, click on the Print Processor button at the bottom, then change the Default data type to NT EMF 1.008. After changing this setting, printing should work fine in Citrix.
    Brian Welchel

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    Thanks for the reply but I am afraid that doesn't work I am still receiving the error "Windows cannot connect to the printer Error 0x00000002".
    Any more thoughts? It's quite annoying because every other printer works :/

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    Just to be sure I'll ask the obvious, but the printer does work locally on the client device outside of Citrix? Are you attempting to map the printer in the desktop session as a mapped printer? What are your universal printer driver settings, and what version of the Citrix client is being used?
    Brian Welchel

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    Hi Brian
    Yes, the printer is mappable on any machine outside of Citrix. I am indeed trying to map the printer to my desktop session, as stated before from our Print Server. We're running Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent 5.6. Regarding the uni print driver settings, I have 'Use universal printing only if requested driver is unavailable', also have 'Automatic install of in-box printer drivers' Enabled, and Uni driver preference as EMF;XPS;PCL5c;PCL4;PS;PCL6
    Any more info required? Thanks a lot for your input

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    What network port is being used for that printer? Can you try setting up the printer directly on the client (bypassing the print server)? Is there any chance of testing the printer as a locally attached device (not over the network)?
    Brian Welchel

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    Greetings Brian

    The printer is using a standard TCP/IP port on the server (it's IP address). Here are some details I should have included first really;
    I can map the printer on any non-Citrix machine.
    I can setup the printer on my machine by installing the drivers manually (add local printer, create new port, input printers IP, then navigate manually to locally stored drivers).

    All I want is for VDIs to be able to map the printer from the server without the fuss of manually adding a printer driver.

    Any ideas?


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    I was wanting to test something. The settings that I posted above would be for the client device IF the printer was directly attached, either via a direct cable, or a TCP/IP port on the client device itself. As I understand it, there is a printer server that has the printer attached. You can try the settings on the print server, but I would test first by creating a TCP/IP port one of the client workstations first, assuming it is on the local network. If it works on the client, you can test the same settings on the print server and try it again as a mapped network printer.
    Brian Welchel

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