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    I am considering the purchase of XENAPP, I am testing a trial version of XENAPP 6 at the moment.

    I would like to know if there is any way to allow a particular published application to communicate through TCP/IP to a server running on the client/user network.

    thank you very much...and happy new year!

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    It would work but it would be the reverse of how XenApp is typically implemented. Usually you have XenApp centralized with your data so large amounts of data is not going across the wire. The TCP/IP ports would need to be open and accessible to/from the client network, which would invariably mean there would have to be a private VPN tunnel or network in place. Depending on the amount of data that needed to traverse the wire, there could be performance issues depending on bandwidth requirements. I would need more information about your goal to better answer your question. Happy New Year
    Brian Welchel

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    Hi Brain
    thanks a lot for your reply...
    basically the custom app would send no more than
    40bytes every say 100ms. Timing at the moment
    is not too critical.

    Does the custom app have to be streamed to the user
    to achieve it? or is it possible to obtain the connection
    with having the custom app accessed on the server

    Thanks for offering help! I really appreciate it, what kind
    of information would you need to help me out on this?

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    oops! apologies! Brian!!!

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    Streaming for local execution would probably be best without knowing more. What would the impact be of simply installing the custom app on the user's machines? That's what has to be weighed against the other alternatives. How many users? How much support would be required with each option? What are the security implications? Are the user's on privately connected networks or coming through a secure gateway or VPN?
    Brian Welchel

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