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  1. Default Parsing Scripts for VPN Data Mining on AGEE

    These are the parsing scripts referenced in the "Project: Poindexter" blog post from

    -You will need to rename the VPN DENIES.txt to VPN DENIES.RDL and upload it to reporting server.
    -You will also need to rename Netscaler.txt to Netscaler.ini before importing it into KIWI. If you have an existing installation of KIWI that you are using DO NOT import the netcaler.ini file. Also, you will need to use your own serial number and key, you will need to manually enter that information in.

    Sorry to send you over here but wordpress won't let me upload files!
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  2. Default Endpoint Analysis Parsing Scripts

    Uncompress the RDL file and upload it to your reporting server and map it to your syslog data source.
    Also, pay VERY close attention to the dataparsing.txt file. You will need to paste that into your SQL Server Query Analyzer and customize your scan data.

    Also, you will need to edit the RDL file SQL Statement so that it also uses the same values for the SCAN column.
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