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    Default DHCPRA on NetScaler

    We recently set this up on one of our NetScalers and we had a slight issue getting this work. The document we referenced was The slight revision that we had to make to get this to work was checking the box labeled "Allow access only to management applications" when creating the Subnet IP in step 4.

    Q: What is DHCPRA on NetScaler 7000 and where is it used?

    A: DHCPRA stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Relay Agent. NetScaler can load balance DHCP requests using the protocol type as DHCPRA under Load Balancing.

    The DHCPRA service type can be used to relay DHCP requests from one VLAN to their DHCP server in another VLAN.

    The configuration steps for the virtual server-service are as follows:

    1. Create a virtual server of type DHCPRA, with a * (asterisk) as the IP address and port as 67.

    2. Create a service of type DHCPRA that refers to the DHCP server with the port as 67.

    3. Bind the Load Balancing vServer to the service.

    4. Configure a Subnet IP (SNIP) address in the subnet of the DHCP client?s subnet.

    5. Configure a VLAN (L2 VLAN) and bind this SNIP address to an interface on which the client is connected. (NetScaler uses this SNIP address as the source while sending the DHCP request to the server).
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