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    Default Access Gateway 401 Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials

    Dear All,

    We are getting an error A communication error occurred while attempting to contact the Access Gateway authentication service at Check that the authentication service is running. The message reported by the underlying platform was: The request failed with HTTP status 404: /CitrixAuthService/AuthService.amx.. [Unique Log ID: ff4279c7]

    We have cag 5.0.4 configured for authentication on Access Gateway. On the WebInterface we have configured authentication at access Gateway and on that we have configured the URL as shown below Now on the access gateway i have configured a logonpoint with Smart Access and i have integrared with LDAP. On the Smart Groups i have configured the URL as http:///ESI/auth/agesso.aspx. I have configured the STA and Access control Lists. I am using teh XML port as 80 and STA port also 80. I am using Internal Certficate and installed on the XenApp server( which is my Webinterface Server Also) and also i have a host entry on the XenApp server to point my FQDN with CAG Internal IP address.

    Can any one help.


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    It sounds like a name resolution problem from the CAG. What is the CAG using for DNS lookup, and are there records in that DNS for where it is trying to go. What happens if you point to IP addresses instead? I will also assume you have verified that all firewall ports required are open.
    Brian Welchel

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