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    Default Presentation Server Sessions


    I have a Citrix farm of 5 presentation servers that cater for about 75 users.

    The users sessions work flawlessly with one single problem;

    We use a database application called Itris, that when presented in an end user session has two fields missing from it... every other aspect of the database presents itself correctly and operates fine.

    If I run the Itris database application on any of the Citrix boxes themselves, the fields appear.

    It is only in Citrix session when they're just not there.

    Any ideas?

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    Are you running seamless apps, or is the desktop being published? Which version of XenApp and which server OS? What specific version of the ICA Client or Receiver is being used.
    Brian Welchel

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    Hi Brian, sorry for the delay

    - The desktop is being published
    - Host operating system is Windows Server 2003 R2 Service Pack 2
    - Citrix presentation server for windows 4.5 Service Pack 2006.10
    - ICA Version 10.00.52110 (256-bit SSL)

    The problem has only surfaced recently, and there are no known changes or updates that have been applied.

    Any ideas?

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