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    Default Netscaler VPX / Access Gateway - Login Customizations

    Dear all,

    I had done some customization on my access Gateway VPX 10.0 72.5 and i followed all the articles to retain the settings after reboot. But unfortunately on VPX this is not working but hardware applaince the same settings is working fine.

    Can any one help

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    Which hypervisor are you running the VPX on? (VMware, XenServer, Hyper-V) In the VM settings, are the disks set to allow writes? Are you running the same build of the NetScaler code on the hardware appliance?
    Brian Welchel

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    I am running on Xenserver. I am running the same Netscalerr code on Netscaler Hardware also.

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    Check the drive properties on the VM and make sure the drive isn't set to read only in XenServer. Beyond that I can't think of anything that would prevent changes from persisting a reboot, assuming the changes were actually saved before rebooting.
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    Brian Welchel

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    We resolved the issue.

    Intially we were follwoing KB artilce which had worked for us for access Gateway Hardware Appliances as i told before this was not working. Now we had modified the login.js & en.xml file and we need to got directory to the /var/vpn/vpn and copy the login .js to that and create a directory called resocurces and copy the file en.xml and create a directory called images and copy the citrixheader01.gif in to that.

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    Now we have some other Issue we wanted to remove the Add/Remove Button from client Less Access Page and we acheived to rebove the same , by using the article CTX122035 and even that also is not retaining after rebbot.

    What we found is what ever we are creating on rc.netscaler or ns.aftersh is not getting affected. Even in the previous issue also only we moved teh modified conetnt to /VAR/VPN folder and it started working. similary for this which is the folder we need to know. Can any one help on this or atleast where are orginal files residing in the VPX so that it will not replace the files even after reboot.

    homepage.html and bookmark.html

    Thanks in advance

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