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    Talking Hello CTX Support


    I dropped in here just to introduce myself to others on the board.

    It's a pleasure to find a clean board with some well versed, experienced VM specialists among the given VM providers out there.

    I'm a Xen cloud enthusiast deploying VPS servers to a captive audience in the Forex trading markets, internationally. My company assists traders and brokerage professionals in developing ultra high speed reliable connectivity, using regionally deployed VPS servers. We specialize in securing servers for clients among a VPS industry which is all too often inclined to sell server provisions to clients leaving the client to fend for themselves. Our engineering teams work directly with clients / users to deploy well secured and monitored systems, capable of reducing incident exposures in the wild, understanding the trading community has many reasons to be on guard of poorly managed server provisions.

    While I come here seeking answers, I hope in time to be a helpful contributor as our firm has many data center resources and is beginning to specialize in low cost, high performance, autonomous Xen VM hot spare fail-over approaches for HA deployments, including redundant data center applications and leading edge DRBD Linux mirroring developments.

    Until then, I extend my appreciation in advance for the provisions CTXsupport has provided to the community at large.


    Mike Wilson
    Engineered Solutions, Inc.

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    Welcome to CTXSupport. Your role sounds very interesting. I look forward to sharing help and ideas in the future.
    Brian Welchel

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