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Auto logoff Citrix users – PoSH script

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I recently came across a situation where I needed to clear users off a server in production for testing. Typically, we assign a load evaluator to keep new users from connecting to it and watch the server. When a user’s session becomes disconnected, we log the user off. This can take a while depending on how busy the server is and is about as exciting as watching grass grow. So, I thought “PowerShell can fix this problem!” Here’s the result. Download link follows code.

# ================================================== ===============================
# NAME: CheckXenAppIsFree.ps1
# AUTHOR: Alain Assaf
# DATE : 05/21/2009
# COMMENT: Script that will run on a locked down server and automatically disconnect users
# until there are no more sessions.
# USAGE: .\CheckXenAppIsFree.ps1
# ================================================== ================================

# Prompt for server to watch
if (($citrixserver -eq $null) -or ($citrixserver -eq “”)){
$citrixserver=$(Read-Host “Enter Server to watch until no sessions exist.”)

# Setup Farm object
$MetaFrameWinAppObject = 3
$MetaFrameWinFarmObject = 1
$myFarm = New-Object -com MetaFrameCOM.MetaFrameFarm

# Checking if user is a Citrix administrator
If ($myFarm.WinFarmObject.IsCitrixAdministrator -eq 0) {
Write-Output “You must be a Citrix admin to run this script`n”

# Checking that the Citrix server exists
$MetaframeServers = $myFarm.Servers | Sort-Object -property ServerName | ? { $_.ServerName -like $citrixserver}
If ($MetaframeServers -eq $null) {
Write-Host “Invalid Citrix server” -ForegroundColor Red
Write-Host “Exiting CheckXenAppIsFree” -ForegroundColor Red

# Getting the currently assigned load evaluator
$le = $MetaframeServers.AttachedLE
$LEName = $le.LEName
$XenAppServerName = $citrixserver.ToUpper()

# If the LE isn’t set to Lockdown, then this script will exit
If ($LEName -eq ‘Lockdown’) {
Write-Host “$XenAppServerName has ‘$LEName’ attached.” -ForegroundColor White
} else {
Write-Host “$XenAppServerName does not have a Lockdown LE attached. It has ‘$LEName’ attached.” -ForegroundColor White
Write-Host “Exiting CheckXenAppIsFree” -ForegroundColor Red

# Get the current session count
$sessCount = $MetaframeServers.SessionCount

# Check for disconnected users. If none, wait 10 minutes and check again
# If there are disconnected users. Log them off. Continue until there are no more logged in sessions.
while ($sessCount -ge 0) {
$MetaframeServers = $myFarm.Servers | Sort-Object -property ServerName | ? { $_.ServerName -like $citrixserver}
$sessCount = $MetaframeServers.SessionCount
Write-Host “Current session Count = $sessCount on $XenAppServerName” -ForegroundColor White
if ($sessCount -eq 0) { Write-Host “$XenAppServerName is free of users” -ForegroundColor White
} else {
$disconnected = @()
Write-Host “Checking for disconnected users on $XenAppServername” -ForegroundColor White
$disconnected = @($myfarm.Sessions | Where-Object {$_.SessionState -eq 5 -and $_.ServerName -eq $citrixserver})
if ($disconnected[0] -eq $null) {
Write-Host “There are no currently disconnected sessions on $XenAppServerName” -ForegroundColor White
Write-Host “Waiting 10 minutes” -ForegroundColor Red
Start-Sleep -Seconds 600
} else {
Write-host “Logging off disconnected users from $XenAppServerName” -ForegroundColor White
$i = 0
foreach ($user in $disconnected) {
$namedUser = $disconnected[$i].Username
write-host “Logging off $namedUser” -ForegroundColor White

You can download a copy here.

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