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  1. Auto logoff Citrix users – PoSH script

    I recently came across a situation where I needed to clear users off a server in production for testing. Typically, we assign a load evaluator to keep new users from connecting to it and watch the server. When a user’s session becomes disconnected, we log the user off. This can take a while depending on how busy the server is and is about as exciting as watching grass grow. So, I thought “PowerShell can fix this problem!” Here’s the result. Download link follows code.

  2. Documenting Citrix with PowerShell: Citrix Policies

    Documentation is a vital (yet rarely loved) part of systems administration/engineering. Exhaustively documenting Citrix can turn your hair white. There are farm-wide settings, polices, application publishing properties, zone configuration, and that’s just the beginning.

    We are in the midst of architecting a new Citrix environment where I work and we are taking advantage of this to review everything we have done before and changing it if needed. We’re also attempting to document ...

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