View Full Version : Citrix Tools XS 6.n memory and performance, VM server 2003

12-29-2012, 10:04 AM

I run a fairly vanilla XenServer VPS deploying Server 2003 VM servers.

We offer a Data Center 2003 server VM, due to it's vastly reduced RAM demands compared to 2008 R2 and up. Most of our clients do very well with the single distinction that RDP seems to operate much more responsively, with less latency on 2008 R2 servers, which continues to baffle me since these 2003 servers are not over-provisioned or starved for resources.

1) Anyone know if there is a hardware accelerated benefit in the R2 model servers which might account for improved RDP performance, or better yet any way to bring 2003 to the improved RDP performance found in 2008 R2?

2) Citrix Tools for Virtualization service, (XenGuestAgent.exe), uses about 60-72 Meg of Ram. While this is not significant from an application perspective per se, I'm curious if anyone knows of a way to run only specific parts of the toolset to maintain monitoring only at the XenCenter interface. Other needs we would see for Xen supports would be enabled as needed in many cases. If we could selectively operate the monitoring portion to WMI only, this memory footprint might well drop to some 7-10 Meg per VM. Any ideas?

Thanks for anyone willing to hurl some guesses, greatly appreciated.